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I want to address misconceptions about the Dick/Kory fanbase .
I see people assuming that the Dick/Kory ship is very popular because of the Teen Titans cartoon show that first aired on July 2003. That show is based on Marv Wolfman run, The New Teen Titans,Tales of the Teen Titans,and the Titans comics from 1980 to 1994 which was the period when Dick Grayson (aka Robin,Nightwing) and Koriand'r (Starfire) were each other's love interest for fourteen straight years.
The Marv Wolfman run, New Teen Titans was one of the best-selling and popular comic series that even rivaled X-Men. In 1982, Marvel and DC Present featuring The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans was released. Dick became one of the most popular comic book characters during his time in the Marv Wolfman run, The New Teen Titans.

Dick/Kory was very popular among comic book readers and was one of the most iconic comic book couples during the 1980s and 1990s. My favorite comic book couple of all time is Peter Parker (Spider-Man)/Mary Jane Watson, and they're one of the most popular and iconic couples in comic book history. There was a time that Mary Jane was out of comics when Dick and Kory were each other's love interests and was not in a relationship with Peter when Dick and Kory were in a relationship. Mary Jane turned down Peter's marriage proposal and left him in 1977. During the time that Mary Jane was out of comics, Peter had other love interests including especially Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) who was his relationship partner when Mary Jane was brought back in comics in The Amazing Spider-Man, Volume 1, issue #238 published March 1982. It was 1982 when Dick and Kory became an official couple in The New Teen Titans, Volume 1 issue #26 that was published on December 1982. In that issue, Dick revealed to Kory that he does have romantic love feelings for her after the aftermath of Teen Titans' attempt to rescue Kory from Kory's sister Komand'r (Blackfire) and the Citadel who had made Kory a slave for 5 or 6 years , and they were depicted as going out on dates for a few weeks with their first onpanel date being Dick and Kory going to a Broadway show. Peter broke up with Felicia in Peter Parker,The Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 1, #100 published March 1985. Therefore, Peter was still in a relationship with Felicia even after Mary Jane came back into his life. In Spider-Man Versus Wolverine published on February 1987, Peter and Mary Jane realized that they were deceiving themselves about the depth of their feelings for each other and that they were very much in love.

Peter and Mary Jane didn't get back into a relationship until they got married in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 published September 1987. They got married and became one of the greatest comic book couples of all time with a marriage that lasted 20 years.
Just one month before that in August 1987, The New Teen Titans Volume 2, Issue #34 had Dick and Kory resuming their relationship after Dick broke up with her because he didn't want to be with her while she was in a marriage of state with Prince Karras to prevent a civil war that would save millions of lives on Tamaran in The New Teen Titans Volume 2, Issue #18 published on March 1986. Dick and Kory got back together after 17 months apart even though they were still in love with each other, and the issue #34 with a very happy Kory flying herself and Dick high into the night time sky ending with the very last page with them in an embrace and romantic kiss against the background of starlit sky. I believe that it is one of the most iconic romantic scenes in comics, and so I had to show it to you. I am convinced that Dick/Kory was not far behind Peter/Mary Jane in popularity at the time. I came to the conclusion that Dick/Kory was to DC that Peter/Mary Jane was to Marvel at the time.

Since they got back together, their relationship got way better to the point that there was a strong trust and understanding of each other. Dick told Kory his constant dreams of making love to Raven, and Kory listened without any jealousy and gives input about love and feelings from her Tamaranean perspective that ends up impressing Dick. Kory talks to Raven for Dick, and she helps Raven understand that her powers are influencing Dick and that she really isn't in love with Dick. Raven realizes that she's speaking the truth and feels ashamed and wants to leave, but Kory comforts and befriends her. The two became very good friends after that. Kory and Raven tricked Dick with Raven kissing Dick like she was in love with him. After they revealed the trick, Dick tells Kory that he moved his stuff in her apartment. Kory is so happy that she picks him up and she flies high into sky as they hug and kiss. All this takes place in The New Teen Titans, Volume 2 issue #39.

In The New Titans issue #71 published in November 1990, Dick thinks about how much he loves her and how she helped him with his emotions. He even tells a story about space princess Kory to a little girl who was on a ledge. In the story, he described Kory as beautiful on the outside but also beautiful on the inside and that she believed in truth and fairness for everyone. While Dick is telling this story about Kory, Kory got tricked by somebody pretending to need help, drugged,beaten up,and taken prisoner. The next comic issue was the beginning Titan Hunt story. The Conclusion of the Titan Hunt in The New Titans issue #84 had Dick reunited with Kory and other captured Titans in Azarath, but Raven is completely taken over by Trigon. Dick and Kory's relationship goes downhill with Kory still being affected by what happened to her in Azarath and Mirage disguising herself as Kory and having sex with Dick. After the events with Mirage, Kory feels insecure about Dick's love for her even though Dick is still in love with her. Still feeling hurt and hating he didn't know he had been with Mirage and she can recognize everything about him, she breaks up with him in New Titans issue #97. In the New Titans issue #99, Dick desperately tries to get back together with Kory and he even goes to a club dressed up as Nightwing and tries to talk to her when Kory was with a friend watching a show. Kory doesn't want to talk to him until later. Nightwing comes off a bit possessive, and her friend intervenes. Nightwing gets violent with him. Kory blasts him with a starbolt. Not long after, he shows up at Kory's apartment at 3:30 AM and tells Kory that he loves and needs her,admitted that he was thinking with his hormones and not his head in regards to not being able to know that he was having sex with somebody disguised as Kory, saying his morality makes him a one-woman man and that she's that woman and will always be, and asking her to marry him leading to the last page of Dick and Kory in each other's arms kissing. Obviously, Kory accepted Dick's marriage proposal.

You can imagine that a lot of Teen Titans comic fans were very disappointed when Dick and Kory had a wedding in the August 1993 published The New Titans issue #100 only for it to end with Trigon-possessed Raven crashing it and implanting Kory with Trigon's demon seed which all led to Kory breaking up with Dick and returning to Tamaran. In New Titans issue #114 published in September 1994, Dick was waiting for Kory to come see and talk with him but she never showed up as she didn't want Dick confusing things after thinking her life is no longer on Earth even though she still loves him more than he knows. The whole thing reminds me of Marvel's former Editor in Chief Joe Quesada's written One Moment in Time story with Mary Jane leaves Peter which was supposed to explain what happened after One More Day when Peter and Mary Jane's marriage was undone by Mephisto and was apart for 11 years. Mary Jane was written to be weak and that she couldn't deal with Peter Parker being Spider-Man any more. I was afraid that Joe Quesada was going to come up with a retcon that Mary Jane cheated on Peter with her ex-boyfriend Bruce the night before Peter and Mary Jane got married. A few months ago, Nick Spencer brought Peter and Mary Jane back together as a couple in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #1. As a fan that created a facebook page for Peter and Mary Jane's relationship, that makes me very happy. During the period that Dick and Kory's relationship turned into a disaster in August 1993 and they completely ended in September 1994, Peter and Mary Jane had their own problems. Peter had sworn to Mary Jane that he would give up being Spider-Man for awhile and he went back on his word, and Mary Jane was upset about that. Peter was acting all neurotic with his sense of responsibility as Spider-Man, and Mary Jane was stressing out over Peter being Spider-Man and had a cigarette addiction. Her acting career was falling apart. In a comic book page, Mary Jane thinks that Peter didn't come home last night, and she thinks that most wives worry about infidelity but Peter is Spider-Man - he could be dead. Liz kicked Peter and Mary Jane out of their loft. Peter's parents came back into his life, but they end up being androids. After he loses his fake parents, Peter is driven with rage and vengeance and pushes Mary Jane away. May ends up sick in the hospital, and Peter goes nuts that he webs himself up in a cocoon so he cannot be reached. This was heading up into the Death of Aunt May in Amazing Spider-Man issue #400 and the infamous Clone Saga that so many Spider-Man fans hated including me. The only things that I liked about it was Ben Reilly and Mary Jane demonstrating great loyalty and faithfulness as Peter's wife even when Peter was believed to be the clone to the point that she was willing to let Peter kill her when he was under the Jackal's programming which she helped him break. I read those comics when I was in my 20s in the 1990s. Like Dick and Kory, Peter and Mary Jane had their ups and downs with serious problems. There are no comic couples that have perfect relationships. Comic books have quite the soapy element to them. As a person that loves to watch soap operas on television, I actually enjoy that. I just don't care for the love triangles and my favorite characters killed off. When Mary Jane was killed off in an airplane accident in 1999, I couldn't bear reading Spider-Man comics any more.

The disastrous wedding and the breaking up of Dick and Kory's relationship were the results of Batman office taking Dick back from the Titans office and not having any control of Kory. Before Dick was taken from the Titans office, there was an original plan of a Nightwing mini-series that establishes Dick's greatness among the superhero community. It involved an alien invasion of Earth that included kidnapping Kory. Dick would go rescue Kory,he proposes marriage with her accepting,and they get a happy wedding. The Mirage stuff,Kory breaking up with Dick,and Dick's desperate marriage proposal seem to be events that were created to lead up to the disastrous wedding and their breakup. Seeing that Batman office has been degrading Kory into Dick's lustful fling while pushing Barbara as Dick's one true love, I am glad that Batman office doesn't have control of Kory. She may have gotten the Jean Grey treatment. Jean Grey was killed off and stayed dead for a long time in order to push a Scott Summers (Cyclops)/Emma Frost relationship which has resulted in a strong split of Scott relationship fans between Scott/Jean and Scott/Emma just like there is a strong split of Dick relationship fans between Dick/Kory and Dick/Barbara (Batgirl,Oracle).

Dick and Kory did have interactions in the comics after they were broken up. Their relationship was acknowledged in some way or another. In 1996, There was an Else-world comic book mini-series, Kingdom Come that showed Dick and Kory had a daughter named Mar'i who became the superhero, Nightstar. In February 1999, Kingdom Come was followed by the sequel, The Kingdom that had Nightstar in it. In that same month, The Kingdom: Nightstar was released. In the 1999 JLA Titans three issue comic miniseries published from December 1998 to February 1999, Dick and Kory met again for the first time since Kory left Dick to go back to Tamaran when she felt that she no longer belonged on Earth after the attack by Trigon-possessed Raven at their wedding. They re-connected as friends that care about each other.
They were on the same team in The Titans comic book series that was first published on March 1999. Kory ended up leaving the Team to defend her Tamaranean people. She and Dick said goodbye to each other ,and that included them telling each other that they love each other.

When the Teen Titans cartoon first aired on July 2003, The Teen Titans, Volume 3 comic series came out the same month. Kory was a mentor to the Teen Titans in the comic book. She and Dick had interactions in the comic. There was also a comic book series, The Outsiders comic book series that was first released on August 2003. Dick and Kory were fellow members on the Outsiders team, and they had sex in that comic book series that was written by Judd Winick. He was also the writer of the Titan series first published on June 2008 that had Dick and Kory have sex with each other while under the influence of Trigon's child, Lust and then followed by a swimming pool conversation with Kory asking Dick if he loves her in a forever way that they don't need to find excuses with Dick responding with "No." This was after the Teen Titan cartoon show stopped airing. I wondered if this was an attempt to put a deep dagger into the hearts of Dick/Kory fans.

Dick and Kory didn't have any lustful sex outside of love under any other writers. Judd Winick is the same writer that had Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Bruce Wayne (Batman) have sex on a roof top with their costumes on and without Catwoman knowing Batman's secret identity in the New52 Catwoman comic issues #1 and 2. He was degrading their love into lust. Of course, a lot of Catwoman and Batman fans were upset about the sex because they felt that both were totally out of character as individuals. I was one of them.
Dick and Kory had interactions all the way up to the Teen Titans cartoon series and always had a big fan base that were given ship teases. I definitely wouldn't limit the fan base just to people that grew up watching the Teen Titans cartoons from 2003 to 2007. I am definitely not one of them. I am not even one of the fans that became a fan during the time that they were each other's love interest from 1980 to 1994. I didn't read Teen Titans comics at the time.

I was a Dick/Barbara fan until less than a month ago. I became a Dick/Barbara fan in the late 90s because of the Batman: Animated series. My first exposure to Barbara Gordon/Batgirl was in the New Adventures of Batman and Robin cartoon show in the 1970s when I was a little kid. I am almost 47 years old. The only being that was shown to have a crush on Batgirl in that 1970s Batman/Robin cartoon show was Bat-Mite. I also watched the 1960s Batman TV show and Batman/Robin cartoon series. In the former, there was no romantic interaction between Dick (played by Burt Ward) and Barbara (Yvonne Craig). Barbara was a bit older than Dick in all the shows that I watched before Batman: The Animated series. I was surprised to see a Batgirl and Robin being around the same age, know each other's secret identity and being love interests with each other. I actually liked it. I was a Dick/Barbara fan to the point that I voted for Batgirl - Barbara instead of Koriand'r - Starfire without knowing any comic book history about Kory in a Dick Grayson's True Love poll in CBR's Batman forum that was created. After reading the comics about Kory and her history with Dick, I now regret my vote and wish that I had voted for Kory instead of Barbara.

I became a Dick/Kory fan and now prefer Dick with Kory instead of Barbara less than a month ago after watching Teen Titans: Judas Contract and reading many of the New Teen Titans, Tales of the Teen Titans, and Titans comics from 1980s to 1990s. I have read all of them now. That's how much that I enjoyed reading the New Teen Titans including especially Dick and Kory's romantic relationship and Kory and Donna's sisterly friendship. My favorite Titan of all is now Kory. I actually enjoyed the Dick/Kory romantic relationship because of Kory more than Dick. I really like Kory's character as the alien warrior princess that went through 5 or 6 years of slavery and still has a big heart and becomes a superhero with a motivation to save others from the great emotional and physical pain that she went through as a slave. The Teen Titans cartoon doesn't really touch on any of that, and I wasn't really a fan of that cartoon because of how the Teen Titans were presented more as comedy and with ridiculous Looney Toon- like scenes. They didn't live with civilian identities nor even called each other by their real names. They weren't presented in a serious way like the animated universe of the Batman: Animated Series. I felt like I was too old to be watching those cartoons even though I like cartoons as an adult that is now almost 47 years old. Therefore, I definitely did not become a Teen Titan and Dick/Kory fan because of the Teen Titan cartoons. However, I do understand that the Teen Titan cartoon series helped increase the popularity and iconic status of Dick/Kory which they always had. Robin and Starfire do look cute together in the cartoon series. I am grateful for the cartoon series after recently becoming a Dick/Kory fan. I really liked how Dick and Kory's relationship was presented in Teen Titans: Judas Contract. They had great chemistry with each other, and I would like to see more of their relationship in more DC animated movies that includes a happy wedding that was originally planned for them in the comics.

As for the new upcoming, Titans show
UGH!!!!! (face slap to the forehead and shaking head side ways)
but going to watch it and wish it success
Title: The Magician
Author: azephirin / abi z.
Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: f!John Constantine / Laurel Lance
Summary: A visit, a spell.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~2800

( The Magician )
  Chapter One

  Groaning, Robin wakes up, the sunlight streaming through his curtains, to his pet munchkin kitten licking his nips. “Ugh pls, Mr. Phishy, stahp.” He groaned trying to go back to sleep. Mr. Phishy looked up at Robin before biting down on his left areola. “OMG STAHP!!!!” Robin squealed, flailing his arms at his baby kitten. Gasping for air, Robin sat up turning to get out of bed. As his feet hit the cold floor, Robin looked at his poor bitten nips. “They were already so tender.” He whimpered. Suddenly, Robin’s door slammed open. “What’s going on?!” Rubbing the sleep out of his eye, Slade yelled, unsure if Robin was in any actual trouble or not. 

    Pulling his duvet up and over his chest, Robin gasped unaware that his screaming had been so loud as to awaken Slade. “Nothing.” Robin quickly replied. Narrowing his un-lined eye, and noticing Robin’s nervousness, Slade replied smartly. “Yeah? So you were just squealing for no reason? You just, uh, decided to squeal like a teenage girl reading fan fiction fluff? Yeah?”. Also narrowing his eyes, Robin decided to turn the tables and question Slade. “Well….why are up so late, huh? You’re usually up before sunrise!” His eye widening, Slade stumbles for an answer. “I…well I…I was…I was just..” Suddenly, Robin got his answer in the most heartbreaking way he could imagine. 

    There, looking over Slade’s shoulder, and wrapping his arms around Slade’s waist, was Aquaman. “What’s going on sweetie?” Aquaman asked, his eyes closed and his head resting on Slade’s shoulder. Turning his head to the side Slade replied sweetly, “Nothing sugar. Go back to bed.” in his most soothing voice. As Aquaman walked away, Slade couldn’t help but enjoy the view. Slade sighed as Aquaman turned into Slade’s room, and turned back to, a now, crying Robin. “How could you?” He sobbed “I thought the whole point of me moving in was so we could get closer!! And you just go and bang junk with that fishy hoe?! How long has this been going on!? When were you going to tell me?!”

     Slade groaned and sat down next to Robin. “Listen, Robin, you and I were going nowhere. Our relationship was as dead as road kill." Robin, in a fit of emotional rage, interrupted Slade. "We were moving slowly!! Like we planned!!". Slade sighed, frustrated and wanting this to be over already. "For god’s sakes you wouldn’t even let me see you shirtless!" Robin looked down at his duvet covered chest with tear filled eyes as Slade continued to yell. "You’re a guy Robin, it’s normal for guys to do that!!!!” He sighed again, calming down, “Look, Arthur and I are together now, and you just have to learn to accept it. You’re still welcome to live here, if you’d like, but you and I are no longer a thing.” Slade got up to leave, hoping Robin would come to terms with him and Arthur dating. 


    “It’s been seven months! They’re still dating! God, and the noise they make. I can’t take it anymore Kid.” Taking a sip of his coffee, Kid impassively looked at Robin. “Soooo, just curious, but umm…when are you going to stop doing this?” Robin looked up, confused. “Stop what?” Robin asked, defensively. “Well, apart from your little pity party, population of one might I add, I mean stop inviting me to this coffee shop just to complain about your guy probs. Look at me! I’m single and happy as hell!” Propping his feet up on the table, Kid smiled at Robin and wiggled his eyebrows. Suddenly his smile dropped, as well as his feet. “And, besides you’ve been buying me coffee every time we come here! I’m Kid Flash dude! Do you know how long I’m on my freaking treadmill after these trips? A long time!” Robin smiled meekly, and messed with his hair. “Sorry, talking helps me. And if you’re going to complain about how long you’re on your treadmill stop asking for coffee!” Kid looked away, pouting. “Well, I wouldn’t ask for it if we went somewhere else..” 

    Robin looked at Kid blankly. “Well where else are we supposed to go? This is the only place I know that Slade and Aquaman would never come to. Besides it’s never crowded. That’s such a huge plus. And it's so warm and cozy you know?” Kid laughed a bit to himself thinking. "He's so cute." Kid looked at Robin out of the corner of his eyes and smiled to himself as he looked Robin up and down. “Well, maybe you could help me burn the energy in a better way.” He elusively suggested. “Well, sure, I guess. I mean we could put in some extra training hours after these trips. Wouldn’t hurt.” Kid yelled in excitement, earning a shush from the employee trying to read. “Yes!!! We can do it at my house! Starting today! No, wait, next time. I have to set up some stuff.” Robin, grinned at Kid’s excitement, glad to have a cheery friend to brighten up his days.

     “No, we can start today, I don’t mind the lack of equipment. We can just spar with each other, and maybe invite the others over as well.” Kid’s smile got bigger at the mention of Robin’s willingness to start their new meetings today, but dropped at the mention of other people being with them. "That's a little strange." He thought to himself. "I didn't think Robin would be into that kind of stuff." Clearing his throat Kid replied, speedily. “Yeah, um, I’m only allowed one friend over at a time. Get’s too messy with more than one, y’know?” Kid awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, and took another sip of his coffee. “Oh, that’s fine. I still don’t mind.” Kid instantly gained his enthusiasm back. “Great let’s go!” Kid hopped up and ran out the door, leaving both his coffee and Robin behind. “Hey, wait up! I don’t know where you live!!” 


    After retrieving Robin from the coffee shop, Kid raced back home. His plans all coming together, and finally taking action! Kid shoved Robin inside his room and slammed the door shut after him, his back firmly placed against the door to ensure he wouldn’t collapse from excitement. Robin was finally acknowledging his advances! “What are we doing in your room? Aren’t we going to train?” Kid’s smile dropped. Robin genuinely thought they were going to train? “Well, I’ll just have to fix that won’t I?”  Kid though to himself. “Uhh, yeah. I just thought that maybe we’d want to change into something more suitable for training. Y’know? Jeans aren’t that great for this stuff.” Robin, blushed. “Oh, sure. Umm. I’ll just go change in the bathroom.” Robin awkwardly shuffled towards the door with some of Kid’s training clothes in his hands. “Nah brah, just change here. Doors locked not like anyone will get in.” Kid tried to reassure Robin, unaware of his condition. Robin gulped as he watched Kid take off his shirt, somewhat slowly. His eyes racked Kid’s upper body, feelings of temptation and jealousy filling him. Temptation for Kid himself, and jealousy for his normal nips. “No, I’d still like to change in the bathroom, if you don’t mind.” Robin unlocked the door and stepped out before Kid could say anything more. Blinking confusedly Kid belatedly answered with a simple “Okay.” 

    Robin sighed as he looked at his nipples with discontent. He touched his left nipple and sighed as he felt the bacon peeling from Mr. Phishy's bite marks. He quickly put on the training clothes Kid had given him, immediately noticing how tight they were on him. His bacon nips slightly visible from beneath the shirt. He quickly exited the bathroom after putting on the sweat pants. He walked back to Kid’s room to see the door locked again. “Hey, I’m ready!” Robin yelled as he knocked on the door. The door opened and Kid yanked Robin in, slamming him against the door as soon as it closed. “I’ll be honest with ya. I didn’t invite you over for training. I’ve been dropping hints for the last three months, and I’m getting tired of waiting for you to notice. All you do is whine and complain about Slade, so how about I take your mind off of him for a while?” Kid, not waiting for Robin to answer to his rhetorical question, starting to kiss and suck on Robin’s neck, occasionally licking the skin and grazing it with his teeth.

    Shocked, Robin didn’t know what to do. He was dumbstruck! Finally getting over his initial shock Robin came to his senses and pushed Kid off of him. “What the hell man!?” Kid looked at Robin blankly. “I thought you were my friend? What are you doing?” Kid chuckled lowly. “I’m sick of being just friends Robin! We’ve been friends for years, and I’ve grown to have feeling for you! But, all you care about is Slade and his stupid boyfriend Arthur! And don’t you even say you haven’t noticed my advances! I know you have!” As Kid spoke he gradually moved towards Robin, until they were but inches away. “ You’ve responded to some of them. I know you have feelings for me too.” Kid grabbed Robin’s upper arms and used his speed to his advantage. Robin was rendered helpless as Kid’s speed caught him off guard. 

    He suddenly found himself inches away from Kid’s bed. “Just let me love you Robin. Slade is with Aquaman, just accept it….and let me be here for you. Let me be with you… I love you.” Blushing, Robin thought about it. Kid did have a point, if Slade wanted to be with Aquaman then maybe he should just accept it. Plus, Kid was nice to him, and would treat him nicely. “I….I don’t know.” Robin looked away, embarrassed. Robin gasped as Kid pushed them onto his bed. As Kid once again began to kiss Robin’s neck, Robin closed his eyes conflicted. He didn't know if this was the right decision. It felt….great, but it also felt wrong. But a good wrong. Chalking it up to second time nerves Robin decided to go with it and see if what Kid said made sense. “Okay, but don’t…” Robin gasped as he felt Kid’s hands slide under his shirt and up his chest. But suddenly he stopped, and Robin had tears in his eyes. “What’s this? Are these scars? Did Slade hurt you?!?” Kid, not waiting for an answer, angrily ripped Robin’s shirt off. “No!! Wait!!” But it was too late, Kid had witnessed Robin’s deepest, darkest secret. “I…I don’t.…. What’s even…I can’t.” The tears once glistening in Robin’s eyes now slid down his face. “I…have…..bacon nipples.” Kid was shocked. 


-End Chapter One
Title: Watchtower Guardians II: Meatballs With Dill And A Touch Of Garlic (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: OC Narrator, Clark/Bruce, Hal Jordan, Ollie/Dinah, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, J’onn J’onzz, Steve/Diana, Donna Troy, Various OCs
Genres: Fluff, Holiday, Romance, Slice-Of-Life
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: It’s time for the annual JLA Christmas party on the Watchtower.
Date Of Completion: January 1, 2017
Date Of Posting: January 13, 2017
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1455
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: The entire series can be found here.

Really, what job can you get where Superman shows up to help you out?

SuperCat Fanfics

Title: Falling
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Plot: Cat Grant is falling, falling, falling, fallen for Kara Danvers.
Status: Complete

Title: The Origins of Love
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: "I'm so scared of you."
Status: Complete

Title: Where Have You Gone
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: Cat Grant went missing and after Supergirl found her nobody could have dreamed of what she had been put through, what caused her to lose her memory. Now as they try and piece together what happened Cat and Kara grow closer. And so does danger.
Status: Ongoing

Title: Courage, Dear Heart
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: Kara paints Cat when she misses her and it always seems to rain when Cat cries.
Status: Complete

Title: Cat
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: R
Genre: Fluff/Angst/AU
Plot: Some people change your life forever. (Carol AU)
Status: Ongoing

Title: I'm Christmas-ing With You
Author: badwolfkaily
Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Plot: Prompt 1 for @SunniHolliday, Kryptonian Christmas. Cat and Kara aren't the biggest fans of the holiday Christmas but they might start to like it if they spend it with each other.
Status: Complete

Cross Posted To: cat_x_kara

Fic: The Ghost of Christmas Past

TITLE/LINK: The Ghost of Christmas Past
AUTHOR: Maeve of Winter
FANDOM: Batman
PAIRING: Batman/Harley Quinn
SUMMARY: AU where Harley is a hero. Harleen Quinzel returns to Gotham, and Bruce must struggle to put aside past demons.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them.

Fic: A Star On The Beach (1/1)

Title: A Star On The Beach (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: Jonathan/Martha
Genres: Fluff, Holiday, Slice-Of-Life
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Martha frets over the Thanksgiving menu after Clark invites his ‘rich boyfriend’ and his family home for the holiday.
Date Of Completion: November 22, 2016
Date Of Posting: November 30, 2016
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 788
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: In the spirit of the recent Thanksgiving holiday, have some fun with comicsverse Martha and Jonathan! :)

Martha studied her recipe book. She made a few notations in pencil while she sipped her coffee. Jonathan came in from outside via the kitchen door, stamping his boots on the mat and slapping his hands together. A cold gust of air blew in and ruffled the blue-checked curtains at the window over the kitchen sink.
Title: Saving a Batman (A Batgirl and Robin Remix)
Fandom: Batman (Comics)
Pairing/Characters: Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson
Summary: Damian calls Steph in because Dick is in trouble. And that he needs her help and admits it is just as scary as the thought that they might need another Batman.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 1900

Read on LJ | Read on AO3
Title: Dark Jewels in Pre-War Gotham
Fandom: DC Comics Bombshells
Pairing/Characters: Kate Kane/Selina DiGatti
Summary: Kate is stuck in Gotham, when she meets Selina for the first time. It’s a night to remember and it’s the beginning of a game of cat and mouse - and it’s not quite clear who is who. Then a war changes the pace of things.
Rating: Mature
Notes: Written for Moebius for the [community profile] femslashex 2016.
Word Count: ~ 1900

Read on LJ | Read on AO3
Title: Breaking the Cycle (Two Birds of Prey)
Fandom: DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing/Characters: Sara Lance/Kendra Saunders
Summary: The steps that took them there had been the opposite of destiny. Perhaps that was why they had forged stronger ties. Get Together and Future!Fic
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for [community profile] femslashex prompt by isloremipsumafterall
Word Count: ~ 2300

Read on LJ | Read on AO3


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