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All Things Related to DC Comics

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This community is for any and all things remoted related to the DC Comics universe - this includes the following:

1.) All mediums are welcome - be it from the comics, Smallville, Birds of Prey, Lois and Clark, the movieverses, the DCAU, Teen Titans, Young Justice, Green Lantern Animated Series, or even the Superfriends.

2.) Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Icon Making, Reviews, Discussions, Rants, etc are welcome. As long as it is DC-related.

3.) M/m, f/m, f/f, and poly couples are allowed.

4.) Crossovers of all types are allowed.

5.) Keep your pimping to once every six months. If it's an etsy store, keep it to once a year.

There aren't a lot of rules, but these are definite no-nos:

1.) No flaming.

2.) Be tolerant of other people's preferences. You like het? Great. Don't read the slash. And Vice versa.

3.) If you're ranting about something and posting negative opinions about a canon, do so behind a cut. Everything you hate, somebody somewhere loves.


a_b_joker - A Harley Quinn/Anyone But Joker community. Like Harley Quinn but not with the Joker? This is the community for you. Open to fanfic, scans, fanart, discussion.

chromaticheroes: an inclusive community dedicated to promoting
fanworks, discussion and multimedia for all comic book characters of

clois_news - A Clark/Lois newsletter.

dcu_bang: a bigbang community focused on producing works of 10,000 words or more for the DC Universe.

dick_tim A community dedicated to the pairing of Dick Grayson/Tim Drake.

dick_roy_tim A community dedicated to the pairing of Dick Grayson/Roy Harper/Tim Drake.

dcu_freeforall - "The goal of the DCU Free For All Fanfic/Fanart Challenge is to write a certain number of fics or create a certain number of graphics or original art pieces (from 10 to 100) centering around the DCU character, pairing, family, team, etc, of your choosing, using prompts from either a pre-made table, or a table of your own making."

funhouseofevil A community open to meta and fanworks that focuses on the morally reversed Earth-3 universe in the DCU/DCAU, as portrayed in "Countdown to Final Crisis" (and "Countdown Presents: the Search for Ray Palmer") and episodes 12 and 13 of the "Batman: the Brave and the Bold" animated series. Gen/het/femmeslash are all welcome.

hal_kyle - A community dedicated to Hal Jordan/Kyle Rayner slash.

iconic_lexis A Lex Luthor and Lois Lane General shipping community. Whether it be from Smallville, DC Comics, Cartoons, Films, Etc.

iconic_loislane - A fan community for everything related to all incarnations of Lois Lane.

jsa_allstars - A community dedicated to the JSA, in all its formats.

superman_fics - for all things Superman related-movies, comics, tv shows, cartoons. Het, slash, gen accepted.

svchallenge - "Two times a month, one episode (or two) will be given as the theme and members can make icons, desktop wallpapers, f/o banners, headers, videos, or whatever graphics they feel like making and however many they feel like making, around that episode."

wonderwomanlove - A community devoted to Wonder Woman fics and graphics. Het/femmeslash/gen all welcome.

If you want to affiliate, just PM zarabithia.
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