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Fic: Harley/Joker (Suicide Squad, M)

Title: I dance like I've got diamonds
Fandom: Suicide Squad (2016)
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Joker/Harleen Quinzel
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Stripper/Exotic Dancer, Rock Stars, Sexual Tension
Series: Part 1 of Scripted Fantasies

When temptation comes a-knocking, Harley has to decide how important her moral integrity is.

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Fanfiction: Girlfriend

Title: Girlfriend
Fandom: Birds of Prey (Comics)
Pairing/Characters: Barbara Gordon/Dinah Lance, past references Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson
Summary: Oracle was smart. Crazy smart. So it was anyone's guess how she hadn't seen this coming for a long time.
Word Count: ~1,542

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BradyGirl_12's 2015 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge

Posting dates: September 15, 2015—October 31, 2015

ctbn60 has created a wonderfully creepy banner. :)


Title: Missing the Touch
Fandom: Grayson
Pairing/Characters: Dick Grayson/Midnighter
Summary: It's clear to Midnighter what they are doing here. He isn't quite sure if Grayson knows what he's doing.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1300

Missing the Touch

Fanfiction: Need You (When I Do)

Title: Need You (When I Do)
Fandom: Justice League Dark
Pairing/Characters: John Constantine/Zatanna Zatara, Madame Xanadu, Boston Brand
Summary: John walks away from the team and Zatanna thinks it's time to move on. But John Constantine wouldn't be himself if he wouldn't find trouble – and maybe Zatanna does care after all.
Rating: PG
NotesWritten for amathela for the rarepairfest 2015 exchange.
Word Count: ~ 2500

Need You (When I Do)
Title: Catch Me When I Fall
Universe: DC Comics
Pairing/Characters: Bruce/Clark
Summary: When you fall, it's important that someone you trust will be there to catch you.
Rating: G
Word Count: ~1000

Catch Me When I Fall
Title: Truth in Magic (The Veritas Remix)
Fandom: DC Comics/Swamp Thing
Pairing/Characters: Zatanna Zatara/John Constantine
Summary: John knows that it's inevitable that people around him will get hurt. He can't stop needing though.
Rating: G
Notes: Set after the death of Zatanna's father during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Written for Remix Madness 2015 as a remix of Veritas by kerithwyn. First published here on Ao3.
Word Count: ~700

Truth in Magic (The Veritas Remix)


Title: Thursdays and Saturdays
Fandom: DC Comics
Pairing/Characters: OC, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake
Summary: Max always came down to the community center every day of the week, but she liked Thursdays and Saturdays best.
Rating: G


24 icons from the Adventures in the DC Universe comic:
- 12 Flash
- 02 Batman
- 02 Martian Manhunter
- 02 Booster Gold
- 02 Ocean Master
- 01 Green Lantern
- 01 Flash & Green Lantern
- 01 Superman & Martian Manhunter
- 01 Wonder Woman & Aquaman


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Jun. 3rd, 2015

Title: In the dead of night
Fandom: The Flash (2014)
Wordcount: 794
Rating: G
Characters: Barry Allen, Hartley Rathaway
Summary: Barry has trouble sleeping, and he decides to go for a run. Meeting Hartley is an unexpected but not unwelcome coincidence.



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